Irobot Roomba Battery Charger – Maintenance

Roomba is powered by a rechargeable battery. The Roomba’s battery can last for hundreds of cleaning cycles before a replacement is necessary.

Battery Life

To extend the battery life, iRobot recommends always storing Roomba plugged in. For more details on how to maintain Roomba’s battery life there is a website provided by the company where an individual can access information. This is If Roomba’s battery is warm, Roomba will wait for the battery to cool down before beginning a charge cycle. For long-term storage, iRobot recommends that the battery be fully charged and then removed from the robot and stored in a cool, dry place.

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Cleaning Time

You should fully charge Roomba’s battery before each cleaning cycle. When fully charged, Roomba’s battery will last for at least one full clean cycle.

16-Hour Refresh Charge

If Roomba has been left off the Home Base/charger for an extended period, Roomba will initiate a special 16-hour charge cycle. This extensive charge refreshes Roomba’s battery and extends the battery life. While charging, the Roomba’s Clean light button will pulse quickly. Note: For best results, do not interrupt this Refresh Charge. For best performance, charge Roomba’s battery overnight before using Roomba for the first time. Always leave the battery inside Roomba with Roomba plugged in or on the Home Base. When Roomba is on the Home Base, always make sure that the Home Base Power and Docked lights are on. Charge Roomba in one of two ways: Roomba uses the “Clean” button light to indicate that it is charging.

Keep the unit, batteries and chargers in a cool place – Battery life and charging efficiency are decreased if they are stored and charged in a very warm environment. They should be stored and charged in a cool dry place, out of direct sunlight and away from sources of heat such as windows, radiators, heating vents, and large appliances. Make sure the Rapid Charger and the units have sufficient ventilation while charging. While it is charging a battery, the Rapid Charger should be sitting on a smooth hard surface (not on a carpet or a rug) with plenty of space for ventilation.

Long-term storage – If you will not be using the unit for an extended period of time (more than a few weeks) it is best to fully charge the battery and then remove and store it separately. When you return, recharge the battery and then run it to exhaustion. The first few times you use it you may not get normal run times, but it will recover quickly if used regularly. Do not leave the battery in the unit for extended periods of time when not connected to a charger because it draws a slight current even when turned off. If left this way for more than a week the battery can run down. If left this way for many weeks, the battery can be damaged. Removing the battery from the unit will prevent this. Do not leave the battery sitting in the Rapid Charger with the Rapid Charger not plugged into the wall.

It is always wise to keep the battery charged in order to avoid inconveniences but when full the charger should be plucked. This is mainly because overcharging may lead to spoiling of the battery.

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