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Roomba refers to a series autonomous robotic vacuum cleaner. These are products that are produced and sold by the IRobot companies. Irobot Roomba batteries are known to be long lasting and their prices are affordable.  There is a range of the Roomba batteries. They are grouped into models depending on when they were produced and taken to the market.

Irobot Roomba Battery 300x222 Irobot Roomba Battery – Buyers InformationFirst generation

Introduced in the year 2002, the first-generation Roomba had three buttons for room size. The first-generation units encompass the original, silver-colored Roomba, the blue Roomba Pro, and the maroon Roomba Pro Elite. The final two models included additional accessories, but all three use the same overall core robot and cleaning system

400 series

The second-generation Roombas replaced their predecessors in July 2004. All second-generation Roombas are functionally identical, though some have more or fewer buttons, accessories, or different external designs. Version “2.1″ contained updated software and a new front wheel. Version “2.1″ was issued in 2005, and the update was made available to existing units as well.

500 series

The third-generation 500 series Roomba was first introduced in August 2007, and features a forward-looking infrared sensor to detect obstacles and reduce speed, a “Dock” button and improved mechanical components & smoothness of operation. It also introduced customizable decorative face plates. The Roomba 530 came with two Virtual Walls and a recharging dock.

700 series

Largely similar to the 500 series but has improved features. Just like the 500 series, the 700 series includes robots with different accessories and technologies. The Roomba 760 is the simplest of the robots with no scheduling possibilities and no accessories, and Roomba 790 is the newest and most advanced with both scheduling and a large range of accessories including Lighthouses, Wireless Command Center and extra brushes and filters. Besides these two models, also Roomba 770 and 780 are available – both with scheduling, DirtDetect 2 and full bin indicator.

List of models

The first generation

Roomba (2002, improved in 2003, discontinued)
Roomba Pro (2003, discontinued)
Roomba Pro Elite, model # 3100, (2003, discontinued)
The first-generation Roombas have three buttons for room size.

The second Generation


Examples are:
Dirt Dog model # 1100 (sweeper only, no vacuum)
Roomba, model # 4000, now model # 400 (2006)  (September 2006)
Roomba Red, model # 4100, now model # 410 (2004, improved to 2.1G in 2005)
Roomba Sage, model # 4105, now model # 416 (2004, improved to 2.1G in 2005)
Roomba Sage, model # 4110, now model # 416 (identical to # 4105, but includes charging base)
Roomba Clean Blue, model # 4130, (HSN exclusive model, earliest release of 2.1G Roomba at a special preview price, identical to the 2.1G Sage except for color.


They include:
Roomba 510
Roomba 530
Roomba 532 (similar to a 530, with enhanced components for pets)
Roomba 562/564 (like a 560, with enhanced components for pets)
Roomba 570/571
Roomba 572 (like a 570, with enhanced components for pets, 572, Canada Version)


The examples of these include:

Roomba 760 – no full bin indicator, original Dirt Detect sensor, button interface, one virtual wall, no lighthouse feature

Roomba 770 – full bin indicator, Dirt Detect 2 sensors, button interface, two virtual walls, no lighthouse feature

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